Delivery Information

1. Collection from a store

The customer has the possibility of collection by himself through the company's stores, which have been designated as collection stores, at no extra charge.


2. With trucks of our company within the city of HERAKLION.

* For the transfer to the floor the price is adjusted depending on the number of floors after consultation with the store.

* For bulky products that do not fit in an elevator or staircase and need a crane, the cost is borne by the customer, after the joint communication.

3. With a transport company of your choice for the rest of Greece.

Free delivery to the transport company that you will indicate to us within HERAKLION. The cost of transport to your place is agreed and paid by you directly to the transport. If you would like to suggest a partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

The transport of goods with a transport company is done by order and responsibility of the customer. Since after the receipt of the products the risk passes to the customer, the latter must check upon receipt of the products he receives. By signing upon receipt, he confirms that he received the products of his order correctly.

General rules concerning deliveries

Deliveries of the items are made within the service areas defined by the company and with the corresponding charge per zone or area. The deliveries of the products take place on the ground floor of the declared address in each order. If the customer wants a transfer within his home on a floor above the ground floor then there must be prior consultation and agreement with the company. In these cases the customer is charged with the estimated transport costs per floor.

The company is entitled for reasons of safety and protection of both products and carriers, to propose the transfer to the floor using a crane. The relevant costs are borne by the customer. It is clarified that for any damage caused to the products during the transport from the ground floor to the first floor is borne by the customer, as the risk passes to the buyer from the moment the item is not delivered to the ground floor at the address indicated by the customer.

 How to deliver an order - charges for deliveries in the service areas of the online store

The products to be delivered after the sale can, with the consent of the customer, be sent to the address and the recipient that the customer has stated when submitting his order, which has been accepted by the company. The company notifies the customer by e-mail or telephone if his order has been accepted, informs him about the shipping cost of the order, the availability of the product and the delivery time.

All orders are charged with shipping costs per product. The above charge includes VAT. 24%.

The service areas of the company concern the borders of the city of Heraklion.

In the case of deliveries outside the service areas of the company, the customer is obliged to choose the shipping method himself, either by the carrier authorized by him, or by his own means. The company on its part fulfills its obligation for transfer and delivery of the item in perfect condition and packaging either to the customer in person or to the carrier designated by the buyer.

The risk of sale in this case passes to the buyer at the time of delivery of the goods sold by the company to the carrier. For this obligation (about the appointment of a carrier and direct charge of the customer by the carrier) the customer will be informed when submitting his order, followed by immediate written consultation and agreement (by e-mail) which can be confirmed by telephone if judged necessary to set the exact delivery time to the carrier, place of delivery, etc.

The assignment agreement to the respective agency is the responsibility of the respective customer. The value of the goods must have been paid at least 2 days before delivery to the agency. A necessary condition is the presence of the customer or a representative during the delivery of the products from the company to the transport company, to check and receive the products qualitatively and quantitatively, correctly and completely. If at the discretion of the representative there is a problem with the products, the goods must be unpacked on the spot for their proper receipt. The goods then travel at the risk of the buyer.

Place and time of delivery

Orders are accepted for product deliveries only within the territory of the Greek State. Delivery times are at pre-arranged times, always in consultation with the customer, but taking into account a reasonable period of deviation due to possible difficulties in delivering items to other customers or traffic congestion or in general any issue that may delay its execution. The itineraries of each shipment are set unilaterally by the company and are notified to the customer. Orders that include products from suppliers are shipped immediately after collection and verification to the company's central warehouses. If agreed with the customer, the company does not rule out the possibility of partial shipment of individual products of an order.

Right to reject product order on behalf of the COMPANY

The company has the right to withdraw at any time it wishes from an order without having to justify or disclose the reasons why it takes this action.


 General terms of shipment of products

The company reserves the right to modify the shipping methods, terms and prices at will and without prior notice is obliged to inform its prospective customers of these changes by reviewing these terms of use of the online store.


 Deadline for fulfillment of the sale - delivery

The delivery time of the sold products is determined and confirmed upon the acceptance of the order by the COMPANY. Confirmation of delivery time is the responsibility of the customer and the COMPANY is not responsible and is not liable for any damage or loss arising from the delay in the execution of the order, for any reason. In case of extraordinary and unforeseen obstacle that the COMPANY will face regarding the delivery of products, it is entitled to postpone the delivery of all or part of the sold products and services, by its written statement (e-mail message) or telephone notification.

If the delay in the execution of the order is due to one or more products from the total of the ordered ones, the rest of the order can be executed normally with the consent of the customer.